Glimpses of Lincoln’s Majestic Cathedral

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While visiting Lincoln’s Castle, I noticed another attraction which towers above the histroical heart of the City. Lincoln’s majestic Cathedral soars into the sky and domimates the surrounding area, even the Castle fades into the background.  I hadn’t come with the intention of snapping the Cathedral, but the Castle is having restoration works carried out and the one thing I wanted to do was photograph the City from the Castle walls, but this was not possible.  After exploring and snapping everything that you could snap in the Castle, I still felt not quite satisfied….photo wise.  My eyes turned to the Cathedral whose towers loomed up over the Castle walls………next stop outside the west front of the Cathedral.


The view from the Castle grounds of the west front with the Cathedral towers.



The following is a short potted history taken from a notice board in front of the Cathedral……The west front is the traditional entry point.  Lincoln’s first Bishop was Remigius a monk from Normandy, he began the building of the church in 1072.


The Norman Cathedral….. the first Cathedral was slightly narrower, but much shorter than todays building.  Built of Lincolnshire limestone which was quarried nearby.  The stone is millions of years old and contains fossils which you can see on the west front.  This huge ornate facade contains three massive arches, which is all that remains of the original Cathedral completed in 1092.  This building was a fortress as well as a church.


When the Cathedral was badly damaged in 1140 the restoration included the addition frieze along the west front.  The frieze originally brightly painted, consisted of scenes from the Bible about what happened to the damned on the left and to the saved on the right, a sort of choice for the pilgrim, it is very rare.




I  popped inside the Cathedral quickly, to take a few shots, as it was really the exterior that I wanted to record on this visit.  We have been inside the Cathedral at Christmas when Lincoln has the Christmas Market in the Castle grounds, in the evening when it gets dark, the candles are lit and with the choir singing it truly is a majestic place.

On the way back to the car having spent a really lovely day in Lincoln, I came upon this beautiful swan and he reminded me of the Cathedral, so majestic in all his glory.


5 Replies to “Glimpses of Lincoln’s Majestic Cathedral”

  1. Great set of photos in Your post. I love posts in which one can see the whole and details. I cannot rename my favorite photo, but the fifth from the top impress me highly.

    1. Many thanks for your comments on the photos. I feel the same, I like to see close up and the whole, yes the one you like came out quite well, I must have taken it between two heartbeats. I have been practicing that today at Ely Cathedral… we will see if it helps.

  2. Very special to my family. My Dad [still alive at 91] was in Bomber Command based at Skellingthorpe, flying Lancaster’s in WW2. They used to use the Cathedral as their navigation, once they saw it they could turn to land back in-and know they had survived another nights raids-safely home again. Their chapel is here too, and their motif was the Lincoln Imp. 55% of the young men from those squadrons died.

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