A Taste of Easter ‘Roof Angels’

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A taste of ‘Roof Angels’ that I have been lucky to find so far this Easter, mainly because most of the churches have been open, as the village ladies have been decorating and filling them full of beautiful flowers, so the doors have been open.


The angels range from parish churches to a large Cathedral and I will be adding them to the blog in days to come.  I really get a buzz when I look up and there they are hovering, looking down from their great height.

DSC_0843 - Version 2

DSC_0618 - Version 2


On the following photo I realised that I had missed the large dark angels between the smaller red painted ones.  The roof was so dark and high I just didn’t see them until I looked at the photos later and then I thought how could I miss something so large…….wonder what else I haven’t noticed.  But now I have learnt to stop, look and see, looking is not necessarily seeing, before I just blindly snapped away and that I think applies to life, not just to roof angels……

DSC_0618 - Version 4

5 Replies to “A Taste of Easter ‘Roof Angels’”

  1. Nice job! I was very impressed with the roof angels in South and North Creek in Norfolk, they are really big, wow! The ones in The Round Church in Cambridge are small an dark and not quite so easy to ban.
    Happy Easter!

    1. Happy Easter Dina, many thanks for liking the angels. The ones you mentioned are on my list to do and I can’t wait to see the really big ones. I have lots more photos to add to my blog, but not enough time, so next week will be ‘Angel Week’ 🙂 Love, Lynne

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