Fountain in the Park, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

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When St James Park in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, was created out of the old St James Burial Ground in 1903, the Lord Mayor of Kings Lynn presented the town with a fountain for the new ornamental park.


From the plaque on the side of the fountain  ‘This fountain was presented to the town by F J Carpenter Mayor 1902-1903 in September 1903 and refurbished in 2008″  The fountain is a focal point for the 4 main paths in the park.  The Mayor, Mr Frederick John Carpenter was a manager of Laws and Co which I think was a public house, but that is all I can find out about the gentleman.  But his name will live on all the time the fountain is in the park, not a bad way to be remember by, a fountain in the park.


After the fountain was refurbished in 2008, vandals caused damage, one evening they broke off the original urns and threw them into the fountain….so the ones you see now are just modern copies, which is a shame .


While I was snapping away, I had company, I suddenly looked up and found that I was being watched by this little fellow.


Further along I saw this lovely glossy crow watching the antics of two young squirrels.


I will return in the summer when the trees are in leaf and all the flowers are in bloom as I think it will be worth another visit.  There is a lot of history in this park with the fragment of St Johns Chapel and the tombstones from the burial ground, so yes a visit in the sunshine is a must.

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    1. Glad you like the photos & for me half of the interest is finding out about what I ‘m snapping, so its nice to know that someone reads them, many thanks for liking them.

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