Demons, Apostles and Angels at St Clement’s Church

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St Clement’s is the church with everything, even hot cross buns, which I was given when visiting at Easter.  This is an amazing church, not only does it look perfect in its churchyard, with the river running alongside, in the centre of Outwell village in Norfolk, it is full of demons, apostles and roof angels.

If you look carefully at the above photo, you can see what is now known as the “unknown” glories, the carved buttresses, while in between and over head are angels, with more angels in the south aisle and the Lynn Chapel off the north aisle.

The demons are very difficult to see, the roof is so dark and I even missed the large dark angels and the photos of the demons came out too dark except for the following two demons.



There are 12 demons carvings and they were ‘lost’ ….not really…they were there all the time, but because of the light entering the roof area the carvings are almost impossible to see. But one day in 2012 they were ‘found’ by an historian who was studying the medieval glass….so now they are famous…but they have been there since the 15th century.  Apparently they are carved the wrong way round, with the demon overcoming each of the smaller apostles, when it should be the other way round.


I really didn’t know what to snap first and I do need to go back and try to take better photos of the demons as they are quite extraordinary.  There just seemed to be angels everywhere and all different apart from the larger dark angels, that I missed at the time, from the photos they seem to look the same.


The present building of St Clement’s was started in the 13th century and expanded in the 14th and 15th centuries when the roof was raised and that is when the cravings were installed.  The church is made of limestone from the Lincolnshire Wold and mostly likely came to site by the river.



There is a lovely feeling in this church and when I arrived I was greeted by the ladies who were getting the church ready for Easter Sunday, dressing the alter and decorating the church with flowers, it had a warm feeling.  I sat talking to one of the older ladies, who told me about the church and how all her family & past generations had been baptised, married and buried there.  I like to think that it will be the same for future generations of Outwell Village.


Some beautiful ‘Roof Angels’

A few views of the interior.

And a few views of the exterior.

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    1. So glad you like the photos, yes it is amazing. It must have been really special in the 15th century for them to put the carvings there, when it was just a ‘Fenland’ church and no one has worked out why yet ! Thanks for liking.

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