Chequerboard Tower of All Saints Church in Wheatacre, Norfolk

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This is one of the ‘Raveningham Group of Parishes’ churches, which should have been open but either I wasn’t strong enough to turn the lock or someone had locked up early.  But a very attractive exterior, the interior will have to wait until we return to visit the remaining churches, the chequerboard effect is striking even from a distance.


Just a few facts….The church of All Saints possesses a handsome early 16th century tower of brick and flint in a chequerboard pattern and from its position in a marshland peninsula the church has a commanding view of the area.  In 1883 the roofing material was thatch but at present there are small red tiles.


There is quite a large churchyard and the church has opens views of the flat marshes.


It was a lovely just to walk around the churchyard and take some snaps and really enjoy the sunshine.


It was a shame that the church was closed as the font has an art nouveau cover, a tree carved intricately in wood and there is more going up the chancel, which is apparently quite extraordinary, so a return visit is a must.

10 Replies to “Chequerboard Tower of All Saints Church in Wheatacre, Norfolk”

    1. Thank you. It was a shame it was close, but l’ll catch it next time, it was just so nice to take some photos in the sunshine and it was a lovely subject 🙂

  1. I shall have to put this one on my list of churches to visit when I’m next in Norfolk (I’m a Norwich boy, and my parents/extended family still live there or there abouts).
    Can’t say I’ve ever seen a tower like that.

    1. The church is normally open but we did get there quite late, but the exterior is really special. This is a lovely part of Norfolk, near Great Yarmouth, so flat you can see for miles. You should visit if you can, there are about 4 churches near each other worth seeing. Many thanks for dropping by 🙂

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