I found my second St George today in a wonderful church….in village with the wonderful name of Whissendine in Rutland.  St Andrew’s Church is full of amazing things and I will post later when I have sorted all the photos.  Although he is so very small St George just stood out on the reredos at the back of the alter.

The reredos features angels and left to right are Saints Andrew, Augustine, Edmund, George, Columba and Peter.


The trouble with visiting so many churches you come across such amazing sights and now I spend a lot longer taking photos because I want to photograph everything inside and out.  But I still come away thinking I must have missed something and when I take time to read the guide book….I normally have.  Still one day I might get a 100%

2 Replies to “St George, Saints and Angels”

  1. Wonderful carvings aren’t they – do you think St George looks a bit worried or a bit glum. I know exactly what you mean about trying to see and photograph everything – the more you start to see, the more things you discover that you want to capture.

    1. Yes he does look a bit uncertain, I think it because his spent an eternity between two angels…not a lot of fun there 🙂 and he always seems to have blond hair. I have a hit list now for when I go into a church and when I have taken those, I can then start to have a good poke around. I nearly missed a roof of angels yesterday as they were in a church in Rutland (angels are mostly in Norfolk and Suffolk ) and there was no mention of them on the internet. The church was rather dark and I just glanced up as I was leaving and there they were, really high and quite small, but I very nearly missed them. So I made the hit list last night and hopefully it will help….of course new glasses might help with close up lenses 🙂

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