The Exorcist’s House, Kings Lynn

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If you go out for a walk today you never know what you might find……in this case a spooky house.  On my recent exploration of Kings Lynn, I just snapped anything that stood still long enough, which included a lot of buildings that looked interesting.  It wasn’t until I started to research them that I now know what I snapped.  On my way to see St Nicholas Church I saw a little white house right next to the railings of the church.


 Going through the gates and looking at the side of the building, I thought what an odd little building with the door straight on to the churchyard, why would that be there.  I now know that the house was attached to the church and one way that a Catholic priest could progress through the church was to hold the position of Exorcist.  The building is said to be haunted.  I have no idea how old it is, could be 15th/ 16th century….I am sure someone could tell me….

Update 2014….The house went up for sale in 2013 and from the details I found out that the house was built in 1635 and replaced an older house.  I have also read that this new house was haunted, the daughter of a family who moved in, saw a figure of a man, could be just a story.


17 Replies to “The Exorcist’s House, Kings Lynn”

      1. I have lived in this house for the last 31 years, and the only creepy occasions are during Halloween, when I get strange little children at the door, having fun begging.

    1. That did cross my mind when I saw the stones, but then I didn’t know what the house was for…I think a trip to the records office is a must. I am now wondering if it is still church property…

    1. Have dug a bit further and it is up for sale….I wonder why 🙂 Built in1635 and was built on the site of the older Exorcist’s site but is very spooky even standing near it.

    1. Thank you for your comment, last year the house was up for sale and on the details is did say 1635, I just have not got around to adding to the post, but I will do it now. But I had not seen the flickr page you sent, I didn’t notice the sign on the house. Apparently though I have read that this house is haunted, a family who moved in, not sure of the date, and saw a figure of a man…..but it could just be a story 🙂

  1. OOOh, scary! It does look like a house with a bit of a story (not necessarily a happy one!) Part of me can’t help smiling at the fact that an exorcist’s house is haunted, though! 🙂

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