The New Breachacha Castle on the Isle of Coll, Scotland


If you have read my post about the old castle on the Isle of Coll, this is the new castle, you can’t miss it…..its massive and very fascinating. This Georgian house was built in 1780 a follow on from the old castle, more modern up to date. The house was originally a three storey square-plan block with a hipped roof and flanked by two storey pavilions, which had the servants quarters, kitchens and coach house.

This plain mansion house had a face lift in 1856 and was raised to four storeys, the pavilions were reconstructed and extended in a Scottish baronial style with pepper pot turrets and crenellations.  Some of the 18th century features remained inside, but a lot was remodelled in the mid and late 19th century.


The castle, which it became known as, is at this moment in time being restored, but it is a very long and expensive job, but the roof on the main building is now weather proof, which is very important to a relic of a building such as this.

The castle is now been upgraded from a B to A Listed Building now, like the old castle.  I just find it quite amazing that such a small Isle has two very large castles close to each other and it was lovely just to be able to mooch around them without thousands of tourists.  I know I am a tourist….but I like to think I am an explorer…well I am…in my head.


These orange round shape balls are mines which have been dredged up from the sea whilst fishing, you see a lots of them in the costal villages in the gardens as ornaments, quite colourful against the stone of the buildings.  I have added a photo of me, they are very rare and I just wanted to show that I was there….after all I was on holiday.

May 2013


  1. Thank you for the beautiful photos and posts of Scotland. Mull, Coll, Oban, Ardchattan – these places keep popping up in my family research. I’m so glad you got up early so that I could see them! 🙂

    1. Thank you and you are most welcomed, I still have some more to add to the list. Its lovely that you have these places in your family history…..I have no Scots whatsoever in mine 🙂

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