The Stream of Heads, Standing Stones & Fort on the Isle of Coll, Scotland

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A battle was fought at Breachache Castle, on the Isle of Coll, where the Coll Clan over whelmed the Duart Clan, chopped of their heads and threw them in this stream which is still know today as “the stream of heads”


One of the Standing Stones of Tofronald, there are two, but I liked this one more than the other, infact I like the sound of the name Tofronald more than the stone, just wish I could pronounce it .


This is Dun Dubh and is located on a rocky ridge on the northern coast of Coll, this is the remains of a fort…..sorry I have looked and looked at this and I just can’t see it, all I see is a rocky outcrop.

2 Replies to “The Stream of Heads, Standing Stones & Fort on the Isle of Coll, Scotland”

  1. A blood-thirsty lot back then – perhaps they used up the fort stone building the castle…, or perhaps it’s one of those mysterious places that only appears at certain times? They may not have the most beautiful architecture, but they have the last word on atmosphere.

    1. Your right about the atmosphere, because its all peat, the stream had a reddish tinge to it, you can see it the photo and for one minute I thought it was blood until I was told about the peat 🙂 As to the Fort apparently its the angle that you look at the ridge you can see a wall… still not working for me. Yes where did they get all that stone to build the castle 🙂

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