The Flying Roof of St Wendreda, Cambridgeshire

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I was so lucky on the day that I choose to visit St Wendreda in March, Cambridgeshire……it was open, but only because there where a couple of young men carrying out a sound check for the service on Sunday.  Most of the churches in Cambridgeshire are locked, some have a key holder, sometimes there is nothing just a locked church.  I visited four churches on Saturday ….all locked, all in Cambridgeshire.  There is something very sad about a locked church, I know it is a sign of the times, but what if you feel the need to visit one, its like being locked out.

But on that day luck was with me, even if it was for a short time, I was allow to snap away while they finished.  What a beautiful church with the most stunning roof, angels flying everywhere to the rock music that were playing to test the sound equipment.  I did ask if they were going to have a rock concert, but no it was just the way they like to test the sound system….they should have a concert the music sounded great…might be a way of getting the locals into the church, it does’nt have to be rock, it can be anything, a church full of people under the flying angels listing to wonderful acoustic music…maybe one day

Anyway I will do a full post on the church when I have time….just need to tame the garden while the sun is shining and working all day just leaves these beautiful evenings we have been having.  So this is just a taster, by the way the angels holding up the roof are all playing a different instrument…must be a sign.


6 Replies to “The Flying Roof of St Wendreda, Cambridgeshire”

  1. I hope St Wendreda approved of the music too! That is one amazing roof, do you think it was painted before the Reformation? I don’t think I’d be able to concentrate on the service, I’d want to lie back in the pews and stare at the ceiling.

    1. No…..not painted the wood has a rosy glow to it, just stunningly beautiful and I am sure I caught a glimpse of St Wendreda bopping in the aisles 🙂

    1. I think you son is right, it would have been brilliant especially if through special effects they could have got the angels to fly…oh that would have been wonderful 🙂

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