St Tanwg’s Church, Harlech in Wales

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We are on holiday in North Wales and at the moment we are in Harlech, which is famous for its castle.  The castle will come later, on exploring the hill top town we found a little church tucked away in the trees.  This is St Tanwg’s Church (pronounced ‘Tanoog” with the emphasis on the ‘Tan’) was built 1840 and dedicated to St Tanwg one of the Breton Saints of the 6th century.

This is my first Welsh church, although it is not as awe inspiring as the Medieval churches that I usually visit, it does have a lovely feeling to it and some interesting items.


Prior to the building of this church, the church on the shore of Llandanwg a mile south of Harlech was the Parish Church and the 15th century font from the old church now stands in the children’s corner area of the church.


The lectern was a gift from the Earl of Winchelsea, Bron-y-Graig a family of importance for many years in Harlech.


In 1939 preparations were started to celebrate the centenary of the church in 1940, but plans had to be cancelled when the Second World War broke out.


In 1961 to 1962 the church underwent a restoration, the choir stalls came from Bangor Cathedral and the old worm infested pews were replaced by chairs.



There is quite a sad story about the East windows the Rev. R. Parker-Jones & his wife gave the windows in memory of their only son Rev.F.J. Parker-Jones. He was a curate in Sidcup, Kent and drowned in the River Medway trying to save a young boy…so sad.



I have added a gravestone as it is in Welsh, as most of them are.


6 Replies to “St Tanwg’s Church, Harlech in Wales”

  1. A lovely part of the country, hope you’re having a good time. I’ve spent many hours in the Castle (and on the beach) at Harlech, but never noticed the church – what a gentle place it seems to be.

    1. Well so far this morning the castle has vanished in the cloud, the sheep are ankle deep in water, the trees are laying flat and the motor home is rocking (from the wind) ……but is suppose to be a great afternoon…..we will see. But still having a great time….hopefully will get to see the beach later 🙂

    1. We have been told next week this area is going to have a heat wave…..but not this week…still we are on holiday and being British we will enjoy ourselves…..last night was beautiful and the castle all lit up 🙂

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