St George of Beaumaris, Isle of Anglesey, Wales


This was the last day of our holiday in Wales and we decided we would explored the Isle of Anglesey.  We did a round trip including the Holy Island and ended up at Beaumaris to visit the castle. After seeing the castle we went for a walk up the very pretty High Street and found the Church down one of the smaller roads.

 St Mary & St Nicholas Church was built mainly in the 15th century and truthfully I did think it would be closed.  I had only found two churches open and they were the two that I have posted, the ones in and near Harlech, so I had given up on finding anymore… when the door open I was in like a shot.

I will post later about the church as there is quite a lot to it, but one thing I did find was a St George for my collection.  He is only tiny, when looking at the window, look at the top and he is there with St Michael.  After all the disappointment of only be able to take photos of the exteriors of lots of churches, this church made up for it.



  1. Small but perfectly formed – as they say – although perhaps that explains his slightly petulant expression?

    I love that window, a beautiful mix of colours and composition.

    1. Its one of those windows that you can stand and see lots of things going on with the faces and the angels and your are right the colours are spectacular 🙂

  2. seriously, I think St George should have spent a little time to get to knows Dragons instead of beating the sh8t out of them. Dragons appear in my stories quite often [at least they do lately] and I’ve found them to be quite nice.

    excellent photo.
    I worked as a stained glass craftsman in the 1980s. second best job I’ve ever had.

    1. Hi Terry thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked the photo and I quite a agree with you, but he had a job to do, although I think today he would be on the side of the dragon and try talking first before slaughtering. I really enjoyed your site 🙂

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