Its amazing really what you can find on the world of blog.  On a visit to Durham to explore the Cathedral, I came across this life size statue of monks carrying a coffin, there was nothing on it to say what is was.  I guess if you live in Durham, you know straight away what it represents, but I had no idea.  I kept meaning to check it out, but other things come along and you, well me in particular, forget things.

While checking on some posts, I came across a lovely post from Dory’s World about Lindisfarne, beautiful post, well there is a photo of my monks carrying a coffin, but not my monks, monks on Lindisfarne carrying St Cuthbert’s coffin.  The monks carried the coffin, to escape the Vikings in 798, across to the mainland to Chester-le-Street in Durham, where he was laid to rest.  Go and see Dory’s post to see the other photo and more about St Cuthbert, also lots more lovely photos.  But it was just amazing to see a twin of my statue, not really mine, but I did find it, and thank you Dory for posting the other photo and clearing up a mystery.


7 Replies to “Twin Statues of St Cuthbert”

  1. They carried his body all round the north of England, to the west coast (there’s a cross near where I grew up, in Lytham, near the St. Cuthbert’s church there), before laying him to rest back in Durham. A good piece of modern public art for once (robust too)

    1. Yes I have just been reading that they carried his body around the country, I thought that they took him straight there, amazing what I have learnt from a statue that I knew nothing about. I wonder if each place they stopped at would now have a cross like Lytham ?

    1. I think I am going to have to visit St Cuthberts Church, as I want to visit some of Derbyshire on our next week end away in Sept. It seems full of lots of places to explore. Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

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