The Font of St Mary’s Sedgeford, Norfolk


This was a treat today as I didn’t expect to be exploring a church because we had gone to an archaeological dig at Sedgeford, just before Hunstanton, Norfolk.  It was very interesting, but the best bit of the dig so far had been filled in which was the Anglo-Saxon cemetery.  They had removed several remains of which you could see, but apparently there are only so many remains that they are allowed to remove.  As this was their 18th season I think the graves where quite a while ago, trust us to miss the best bit.

 They are excavating the village now and although it was interesting, I had seen a sign post to the church. The church won and I am so glad it did, as it is a beautiful large round tower church, but tonights post is the about the font.


From the church leaflet…..the Font is 13th century Norman style….now is it or is not Norman….anyway the bowl is Purbeck marble and it is heavily rendered.  Raised on four circular legs, with a central drain and set on two large steps.  I must admit it did look rather nice with the red and green flower arrangements, could have been for a wedding.  I have been into a lot of churches recently that have been decorated for weddings, must be that time of year, it always seems to me to enhance the church.


  1. Another fascinating post and gorgeous photos. Did you get any photos at all of finds from the dig or village? Would love to see any if possible. You are right about the floral arrangements enhancing the churches in summer, but I also love the ones decorated for harvest festival as well~ both beautiful in their own respective ways. Thank you again for yet more riches!

    1. Sorry no photos of the finds of the dig, you were not allowed to take any. The village in all honesty was just trenches in the earth and where the cemetery is thats now just grass. I was hoping that they had come across the remains of an earlier church but they haven’t yet but maybe next year. The site is only open to the public for one week a year, next year I will try and take some photos for you 🙂 I am looking forward to visiting some churches at harvest festival time because the churches at Easter were so lovely and thank you for your lovely comment.

  2. Hello again, After I posted my comment/question to you about the Saxon village and dig , I did a bit of my own research and saw some photos and as you said , really nothing much to see for the casual observer and an ongoing work ~ apparently for quite a few years now. You are very kind to offer to try to take photos next year, but think unless they do unearth something like church remains or something really spectacular ect will not be much to look at ~ Do you know where the pottery or any bits they find actually end up? A university? I too will be looking forward to your new discoveries during the autumn and am hoping for an Indian summer for you there, so you can get some lovely mellow days with that gorgeous golden light !

    1. Hi Valkrye, I did some research and I was going say to you look up Sharp, but you have already, which is good. They had some pottery and bits on site that you could look at….. but there wasn’t that much and I think they keep it with them. There were quite a few skulls about 12 and one remains of a skeleton arranged on a table and it seem to me very small in respect to a modern day one they had for comparison, that was very interesting. But i’m glad we went because we would never have found the church otherwise, its tucked down in a little valley and you can’t see until you are on top of it. Mellow days sound nice after the heatwave we are having, even with some rain today its still very hot and close, us Brits are just not use to it 🙂

  3. Greetings! Thank you for recommending the link for more info. on the dig ~ Always wonderful when you are led unexpectedly to some other interesting and /or lovely site( re: the church) than you had originally intended . I do have some experience of U.K. unusually hot weather as well as cold, as I lived in Bracknell, Berkshire as a child and the first year we were there, Britain had the worst winter in 100 years (1963) and that following summer declared a” heat wave” ~ So I do know first hand, how variable and unpredictable the weather can be there. But obviously real heat a rarity, especially the last few years when there seems more rain and cool temps during summer than warm. I never really have become accustomed to hot weather no matter how long I have lived in hotter climes. Something a bit more temperate would be welcome now!

    1. Ah so you know all about the UK’s weather, you brought back a memory of the winter of 1963, I remembered trudging through the snow knee deep to get to school, no snow days back then. Yes its lovely to be having some heat at the moment, better than all the rain that we had last year with all flooding, hope it lasts a bit longer 🙂

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