Last Tour of St Mary’s Sedgeford, Norfolk (3/4)


This is the last post concerning St Mary’s Church, Sedgeford in Norfolk and for a village church it had a lot to share and it scores brownie points with me because it opens everyday.

 Churches with round towers were built from Saxon times, but for St Mary’s most opinions now favour a later date around the 1200’s.  The walls of the church consist of random flint and mortar, with a sparing use of Barnack stone for the windows and door ways.  The quarries where the stone came from, near Stamford, was unobtainable after the 15th century, when they were worked out. That is quite a distance for the stone to travel, it could have come by boat.


I like the way the roof wraps around the tower, but although it looks like only the top half of tower is round, the whole tower is round down to the foundations.

This is the porch that has the little open window.  There are several different windows that help with the different building phases, ranging roughly from 1175 through to 1540.


Returning inside the church for short time, there are several wall paintings, unfortunately these do not photograph that well, except for the ones at the end of the chancel.  Theses were only painted in the second half of the 19th century by the Rev. Ambrose Ogle, Rector from 1857 to 1900.  There are traces over the Nave Arches and a very faded St Christopher which are 13th century.  The small stained glass panel is most likely someones coat of arms but there is no mention of whose.  There are also some fine stone carved corbels in the aisle roofs.




Returning to the churchyard and by the gate there is a very sad memorial to the typhus epidemic of 1852, when in a 5 month period there were 20 deaths out of a 150 villagers.


The churchyard is very attractive and well maintained, with some very lovely gravestones.

I now just want to thank St Mary’s for a wonderful visit.


  1. I love this church – I have seen very few like this, and I’ve never seen such a tower. How beautiful! And I love the small triangular window, as seen in a previous post.

    1. It is a beautiful church in a beautiful setting and I am really glad that you have enjoyed the visit. We have about 199 round tower churches in Norfolk and Suffolk and thats not counting the ruins. I think this is the 4th round tower church I have posted, but so far the only one where the roof wraps round the tower 🙂

  2. Love this. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a tower like it either. They tent to be square in our part of the world. The churchyard looks amazing too. I love the stone with the skull on it. I can’t make out whether that’d a devil or an angel at the top. It definitely has wings but it also looks as though it could have a tail. Lovely post 🙂

    1. Glad you have enjoyed the church, its really beautiful, peaceful and full of light. Well when you come to Norfolk for your churches you will see lots, we have about 199 and I am sure some must be the ones you will visit. I loved the gravestones and this churchyard was full of the beauties. I think the one you mentioned is a monkey with a tail, no not really I can’t make it out either 🙂

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