A Sundial on a Monolith in Llandysiliogogo

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I think this weeks posts are really about ‘Stones of Wales’…….. not that I intended it to be, but there they are, these huge lumps of rock, that someone a long time ago fashioned.  These standing stones, monolith or whatever you wish to call them, are very mysterious to a lay person, like me, who knows nothing about them whatsoever.  Not totally true, as this is the third posting of a stone this week and with each one I am learning…….still along way to go, but you have to start somewhere.


We went to visit the beautiful little church of St Tysilio in Llandysiliogogo in Creredigion, Wales, on what it is thought to be a prehistoric site.

I was really there for the church, but facing you as you enter the rounded graveyard is this wonderful sundial, the sundial face is dated 1790.  But look what is attached to…… an ancient stone, a monolith, could this stone have always been on site.

 When the church was being restored in the 1890’s they found a large prehistoric stone to heavy to move, so they just covered it over……. I like to think that this stone could be of a similar age.  If not, it still makes a great sundial.


2 Replies to “A Sundial on a Monolith in Llandysiliogogo”

  1. Another fascinating find! I’m not too keen on the addition of a sundial but it’s better than hinges and post holes! You’re right, this stone does look pretty ancient, as if it has stood in this place for a very long time.

    1. LOL The sundial doesn’t work all that well…..its quite strange because the minute you come through the gate you know you are somewhere ancient, more so than anywhere else I have been. There is also a holy well which I missed…….but I won’t next year 🙂

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