St Kevin’s Celtic Cross, Glendalough, Ireland

DSC_0699 - Version 2

St Kevin’s Cross at Glendalough, Ireland, this was the only photo that I took of the cross, which, due to down pours, I’m amazed it wasn’t one big blob.  I’ve had a play around with it, thought I might go b & w, but I like the red of the plant next to the cross.  This is a big cross and apparently if you can reach round it with both arms, it’s suppose to bring you luck (not for me as I didn’t read about that until later, typical of me )

A little about the cross ……This large undecorated cross is known as St Kevin’s Cross, this monolith of granite stands 3.7 metres high and is a Celtic cross with a ring or circle around the arms.  From the cross the boundary wall of an earlier cemetery can be traced.

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