Mutterturm the Fairy Tale Tower of Landsberg, Bavaria

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Landsberg am Lech is quite a magical place, its still very much a ‘Medieval Town’, which they try very hard to preserve and they are doing a great job.  This was my third visit and although I explore the town every time, I still find lots that I have missed, even on this visit……oh dear a another visit is in order.  It does take time to fully explore a town, I have found that out with our own local town Kings Lynn in Norfolk.

While having a walk down by the Lech and making my way to the bridge, I spied a castle type tower, peeking through the trees.  This looked like a fairy tale tower, a must to explore, I crossed over the Karolinen bridge and walked down through the park, but I had to stop to take a few photos of Landsberg across the weir to show you how beautiful it is.





Reaching the fairy tale tower, it was just as magical close up with its golden roof.  The Mutterturm (Mother Tower) looks out over the Lech, Herbert von Herkomer had this romantic tower built in honour of his mother.  He was a very famous painter and inside the tower you can find out more about his life…..but not on a Monday, it was closed.



Hubert became Sir Hubert von Herkomer, he had been born at Waal near Landsberg and the tower was built at the height of his career.  Funnily enough the family moved to England where Hubert had an extensive education in painting.


DSC_0326 2

It was a shame it was closed as they are several of Sir Hubert’s paintings to see, so they will have to keep until the next visit.

The following photo is of me trying the door……..something I try a lot with churches and a lot stay closed, I should be used to it by now.



6 Replies to “Mutterturm the Fairy Tale Tower of Landsberg, Bavaria”

  1. The town of Landsberg looks really lovely! I must admit I am struggling with the tower, and its multi-coloured roofs. Maybe it’s because it’s so unfamiliar!

    1. To me it looks like something from a fairy tale… Holland there is a theme park that is full of buildings like this, it does take some getting use to 🙂

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