An Edwardian Building, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

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You could be forgiven in thinking this was one of my favourite subjects….a church.  It is one of my favourite buildings in Kings Lynn, our local town in Norfolk, but its not a church…it’s the public library.



The Library stands on the corner of quite a busy road and to get photos with out cars whizzing by is quite a feat….we went early one Sunday morning for a walk in the park and I managed to get some shots.


The colour of the Edwardian stonework is beautiful in the sunshine, it seems to glow.  Built in 1905 by Scottish-American philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, on the site of the Greyfrairs monastery, the library sits adjacent to the remains of the tower and gardens.  The building still functions as a library today and on heritage days you can see some of the older books in the libraries collection and visit parts of the building that are normally out of bounds.

I just love the colour, design and the fact the building it is still standing and wasn’t wiped away by Kings Lynn Council in the early 70’s like a lot of other buildings.

And yes I really do like it, because it it does resemble my favourite subject……a church.

DSC_0458 - Version 2


4 Replies to “An Edwardian Building, Kings Lynn, Norfolk”

  1. On the site of the Greyfriars monastery… run by the Council… surely it’s worth digging up the car park!? 😀 A lovely old building, and I love your photos.

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