In the 15th century porch of the beautiful Church of St Benedict in Glinton in Cambridgeshire there are two defaced effigies.

They are 14th century tomb tops, the above effigy is a forester with a horn, bows and arrows.  A forester in medieval times was a title widely used as equal to the position of a sheriff, as well as a person in charge of a forest.  The other is of a Lady with a wimple.

They are quite striking when you enter the porch and they are thought to represent members from the De Le Mere family who came over from Normandy with William the Conqueror, their remains removed from nearby Northborough.


8 Replies to “The Lady & The Forester”

    1. Yes it would be lovely to see them in tact…..I just wondered if they would have been painted. I also think that all three of us have very good taste 🙂

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