The First Nativity Card


Now that the 5th of November is over, I can post my lovely Nativity stained glass windows, sorry if its too early for some of you.  But to post all the lovely Nativity windows I have collected, I have to start now.  I love them, but they really only seem right for this time of year.

So this is the first of my Nativity Cards, from Edinburgh’s St Giles Cathedral, Scotland.


  1. We are sending out Christmas cards by the shipload, so I can’t complain! Doesn’t make me ready for Christmas, though! A nice one to start – I’m looking forward to your collection.

    1. I love Josephs face in this one and the fact that Mary is dressed in red and not blue, I’m not sure why, will have to see if there is a reason. Its lovely that people are still buying cards…..I hate it when you get one sent on email….its not the same, as sending one personally. It will soon fly by, so I thought I better start now, before I forget….its my therapy for the coming months….we get so busy now at work with the run up to Christmas, but as you say you can’t complain when its your own business 🙂

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