Sleeping Lady Mary Egerton of Astbury, Cheshire

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In the ancient church of St Mary’s, Astbury, Cheshire, there are some wonderful artefacts to be found.  If you walk down towards the Chancel on the left you will find, Lady Mary Egerton’s effigy which has been sleeping since 1599.  These effigies give us a wonderful insight into centuries past and I find them totally fascinating, I love coming across them when exploring a church.  Although I wish I was a little taller to get better shots, although some churches do place a chair nearby their tombs………..well thats what I like to think when I stand on them.




4 Replies to “Sleeping Lady Mary Egerton of Astbury, Cheshire”

  1. Completely agree – they are one of the best aspects of visiting churches – and considering the expense they went to to create these tombs, I’m sure they’d appreciate us still wanting to know more about them. But you’re right, you really need to take a pair of step ladders for most churches. I went to the church at Stowe last week, but it was almost impossible the photograph a truly moving tomb effigy – more often than not you need to do some serious contortions to get a good picture.

    1. Well I have thought about putting a small pair of step ladders in the boot of the car, just incase I need them 🙂 if there is no one around, a chair or pew will do, but even then, I have to go and get Steve to hold the chair…… Looking forward to your tomb effigy photos. Lady Mary is lovely, she is just tucked away, it was quite a surprise to just come across her 🙂

  2. I love the history attached to them, but unlike you and Anny I have to admit that effigies give me the heeby geebies! Or even the effigeebies! (Sorry!) 🙂 There is something about them, even though I’m fascinated by the history of the people who lie beneath, and I can certainly admire the skill in the carvings.

    1. Oh my….. I can’t stop laughing…..:) 🙂 🙂 I find them fascinating because of the sense of period, the dress, the way they celebrated death. Lady Mary must have been or come from a very wealthy family and now she lays where the children have their sunday school, its so sweet, with their pictures and toys, bright cushions and Lady Mary 🙂

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