Christmas in Walpole St Peter’s Church, Norfolk

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This magnificent church has to be one of my favourites and you could call it one of our local churches, as we only live less than 10 minutes away.  Today was not really a church exploring day, due to the strong stormy weather we all been having today, but on the way back from Kings Lynn, the weather started to calm down.  So ever hopeful, we stopped at the beautiful church of St Peters, in the village of Walpole St Peter in Norfolk.

I really wanted to take photos of the church still in Christmas mode, but I was not quite prepared for how beautiful the church looked.  I was very lucky, as a couple of people had come to lock the church, it was nearly 4pm, but I asked nicely…in other words, I begged and they let me take some photos.  I will come back and take more photos after Christmas, but for now, here is the fabulous church of St Peter in all its Christmas finery.


DSC_0140 - Version 2







DSC_0216 - Version 2

8 Replies to “Christmas in Walpole St Peter’s Church, Norfolk”

    1. Thank you Valkrye, its such a wonderful building and they had decorated it beautifully. I would also like to wish you and your family a very Happy and healthy New Year.

  1. Beautiful! I love the blend of clear and stained glass, it gives a much more open effect to the place. That’s an interesting old wooden casket that the flowers are in (8th photo). The decorations are lovely, and I can imagine the atmosphere. Bet it was cold, though!

    1. Jo, the strange think is that I only had a big jumper on and didn’t really notice…..but the lady who let me in said the church was really cold……I was having an adrenaline rush, didn’t feel anything, I just get so engrossed in taking the photos, everything else ceases to exist. I think the casket is the Church Chest, were they kept all the church records years ago, most churches have them all different sizes and some are really old. Its a beautiful church and I will go back when the sun is shining to get some photos of the lovely windows 🙂

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