World’s End Close in Edinburgh, Scotland

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We did a quick trip to Edinburgh, Scotland today, well it took six hours to get there and longer coming back, as we followed the road to North Berwick, which takes you along the coast and then eventually back home to Norfolk.

Before leaving the city we drove down the Royal Mile, at the bottom of the road there are some traffic lights and while waiting, I noticed this alleyway.  I have a fascination for gateways, alleyways and doorways, because they lead somewhere and sometimes you never know where, which is the fascination for me.

This is quite a famous alley to World’s End Close, because literally to many people it was the end of the world.  Situated just inside the Netherbow gate, an entrance to and from the city, some of the poorer residence could not afford the fee to come back into the city and spent their whole lives within the confines of the city walls.

The area was once a fish market and was first know as Swift’s Close after John Swift in 1427.  Later it was renamed Stanfield’s Close after Sir James Stanfield of Amisfield.  Sir John drowned, but it was thought that his son had murdered him and later he was executed.

I did manage to explore one beautiful church and a rather wonderful castle on the way home, but they are for another day.


So called because this literally was the end of most people’s world.

4 Replies to “World’s End Close in Edinburgh, Scotland”

  1. Like you Lynn little side streets, alleyways and even the bend in the path or the road and what might be beyond have always intrigued and beckoned ~ I have been to Edinbrugh twice but never got to spend as much time as I would have ideally wished . Having said that I do know It is certainly a city with a rich and varied past and plenty of nooks and crannies to explore ! Look forward to reading more about your adventures there.

  2. How interesting – I was up in Edinburgh last week, and also spent a bit of time exploring the closes off the Royal Mile. I was going to do a post on it myself, but found the photos I had taken didn’t really capture the magical atmosphere of them. It certainly is a fascinating place.

    1. I would have loved to have had more time to explore them, that photo was taken from the car, but we will go back and spend some more time. How strange that you were there last week looking at them, shame your photos didn’t turn out as you wanted 🙂

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