We didn’t explore very far yesterday due to the weather, but we did go to see if one of the churches near us, St Lawrence, in Tilney St Lawrence, Norfolk, was open.   The church is always locked, which is ok, there is a key holder, but luckily a church warden was in the churchyard and he opened the church for me.  While I waited for him to open the church, I noitced these lovely snowdrops and thought they went well with the gravestones.

4 Replies to “Gravestones & Snowdrops”

    1. Thank you Jo, yes we have survived, so far, Sunday was wonderful, but we had to work all day…..but tomorrow I am going all along the south coast, not sure if I will have time to visit any churches, but I thought I might takes some photos of each of the towns that we have to visit, like Chichester, I would love to visit the Cathedral but I just think its not going to happen, but the city is really lovely, so compromise is the word. We are having a lovely show of snowdrops in the churchyards, even better than last year, no snow this year to hold them back 🙂

      1. That’s a shame, because yesterday was lovely! Hope you have a good trip tomorrow. I think I have been to Chichester (so long ago!) but I didn’t visit the Cathedral.

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