Rood Screen in St Mary’s Church, Woolpit, Suffolk.


Inside St Mary’s Church in Woolpit, Suffolk, you will find a beautiful rood screen.  The screen is of 15th century origin, but the figures on the lower panels were repainted in 1892, when it was restored.  The beam across the top is part of the original rood loft and would have supported a large crucifix hanging from the chancel arch.



The screens have been painted with Saints on them, that may or may not be a duplicate of what was there before. Although some of the saints would not have been on a Medieval rood screen. The face of St Felix is the portrait of Henry Homer Page who was the Rector at the time.  The door to the the staircase, which led to the rood loft, is to the right of the screen and is now blocked.  Although the pantings are not Medieval, they are quite well done, maybe they replace something that was very faded and defaced, like some of the rood screens I have come across……..I prefer this kind of restoration, than something that is almost unrecognisable, but that is my own opinion.

A good one for the rood screen collection.

There is still more to explore from our visit in 2013

DSC_0780 DSC_0781


  1. What a beautiful feature, in a beautiful church! Love your photos. The restoration seems to have done full justice to the original artwork. Magnificent!

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