One Year Old Today


Hilgay Church, Norfolk

Today is Echoes 1st Birthday……so what better why to spend the day then church exploring in the lovely sunshine.  We didn’t have a plan to start with, we just drove until we came to a village that we had yet to visit.  The first village was Hilgay, it took a while to find the church, as it was hidden behind the village.  Not a very large church, but it looked interesting…….but it was locked, even as I walked up the path I could see a big padlock on the door.  Still there was some very nice gravestones and I took photos of the exterior for another post.

I got back into the car a little disappointed, but husband had been looking at my church book and put a destination into the sat-nav for a church he thought I might like……he did get it slightly wrong, but we will come to that later.  Destination was 37 miles away, but he wouldn’t tell me where.  On the way we stopped at another church.


All Saints Church, Swanton Morley, Norfolk

The church at Swanton Morley looked really interesting, lovely tall clear glass windows….but…you guessed, locked, not my day today.  Now I was begining to think its a long way to go to find a church locked, but Husband said no his church would be open.  We did pass several more churches, but time was passing by and I was a bit worried we might run out of it.  So 37 miles later we came to Reepham, amazingly this was on my wish list as there are 3 churches in one churchyard, although they are named after different villages..  Thank you husband, perfect… said husband this is not the church I saw in your book, show me I said……he had seen Salle Church, this is a church very near to the top of my wish list, but lucky only a few miles from Reepham.


St Mary’s Church, Reepham, Norfolk


St Michaels Church, Whitwell, Norfolk


Part of the ruin of All Saints’ Hackford, Norfolk

So after spending time exploring the churches in Reepham churchyard we set off for Salle Church.  This is a beautiful big church, very big, in fact massive.  I took loads of photos and I will post about the church later, but below is a taster of what is to come.

DSC_0711 - Version 3

To finish the birthday treat, we made our way to the North Norfolk coast and drove along to Salthouse to have a meal in the Dun Cow and looking out of the windows you see the view below.  A perfect ending to a lovely day.



  1. Hello Lynn, Having trouble posting comments on wordpress blogs lately so am just sending my comment this way~ hope that is ok. Happy Birthday and congratulations  It’s been such an interesting and delightful year blog -wise via your posts. Hope you will celebrate many more ! Looks like a very lovely day there and wonderful to see you finally made it to Salle church (which I mentioned as one of those to add to your list to see if you had not already) ~It has been on the top of my E. Anglia ch. list for years now. So pleased you got to see it ~  the other one quite close that I also want to see is Cawston. Did you go there ? or is it on your list?  There is a wonderful painting on the rood-screen and fav. image is of St Matthew with his little spectacles. You so rarely see any images of that time period which show glasses. Cawston is a magical place, as is Salle as you know .

    1. Hi Valkrye, lovely to hear from you. As always thank you for your lovely comments and I am just so glad that you do enjoy them. I am not sure where the year has gone, still got so much to post about from last year, but I have really enjoyed it….I am still amazed that people like my posts and I love it that they love the same things, like you 🙂 I did add Salle and Cawston to my list after you mentioned them, I looked them up, and yes they went straight to the top. We ran out of time and will visit Cawston next time, it is something to look forward to.. There are quite a few lovely churches in that area, so I will have to plan a route, but it was a lovely surprise to go there, as I had no idea where we were going 🙂

      1. Hello Lynn~ Just saw this reply as well as your latest post on Salle church and it’s rood screen.~ How exciting ! As far as I am concerned I would always continue to be interested in your posts~ it would almost be limitless really as am so interested in many of the same things you are . It would take a lifetime and more probably for me to see all that I would like to just within G.B. Churches are amongst my favorite places to visit and particularly the medieval ones~ So pleased you added these churches to your list and that you have been able to visit them! You must have a very lovely husband to give you such surprises! Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  2. Congratulations on your blog’s first birthday! I am so glad that I came across it – I have learned so much, and seen some wonderful places, so thank you! 🙂 I just love the look of Salle Church – so lofty and full of light. What a lovely feeling it must be in there. And three churches in one churchyard – that is a find! It’s a shame that churches need to be padlocked – I have been disappointed too, and it’s always the ones that you most want to see. Looking forward to hearing more!

    1. Thank you Jo, I’m glad you found me, because I enjoy your posts as much. Visiting Salle Church yesterday was a lovely surprise, it does have a lovely feel, even though is so big. I did find a booklet in Salle church which gives you over 400 churches in Norfolk that are open from dawn to dusk….and thats not all of them, I have been ticking of the ones I have visited. This is going to be kept in the car from now on, but I not sure if I am ever going to achieve all of them……but I will give it a go LOL 🙂

      1. Wow, 400 churches is certainly enough to be going on with! And then presumably there are the ruined ones that may not be mentioned. A very useful guide to have in the car!

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