Alice & Richard de Brews of Salle, Norfolk


Sir Richard de Brews and the Lady Alice his wife patrons of this church.  Beautiful stained glass window in Salle Church, Norfolk.  The window is dated 1882 and commemorates the history of the church.

I have found out the couple lived in the reign of Henry III and Alice was the daughter of William de Rus.  I think the de Rus family came over with William the Conquer.  Alice became an heiress to her fathers fortune at the age of six, when he died of a seizure.  Alice was a very wealthy young lady and had inherited many manors from her father in Norfolk and Suffolk.  It would seem that they lived in one of the manors, Stinton Hall in Salle, near the church.  Alice was a widow when she married Richard in September 1265, she had been married to Richard Longespeed who died in Dec 1261.

Alice and Richard had two sons, Gyles and Richard, also two daughters, Margret and Sibyl.  Alice out lived Richard who died in June 1292 and when she died in Jan 1300/1, Gyles her son and heir was 28 years old.  Gyles married Catharine his first wife but they had no children, I can only think that she died in childbirth.  Gyles then married Joan and they had 4 sons.  Gyles died in 1310.

I love the fact that you can find out so many details if you just dig a little, in this case a lot back to the 1200’s.


    1. I started to research to see if I could find out about the elephant head, I found three elephants in a row, which is a coat of arms for one of the Manors for Salle, but that was whole elephants !! anyway then I started to look for the red lions on Sir Roberts tunic and they are also a coat of arms…and it seemed a shame not to post the rest of what I had found about them 🙂

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