All Saints Church, North Runcton, Norfolk

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All Saints Church in North Runcton, Norfolk, this was one of the two churches that I found locked today.  I was slightly annoyed because in the church guide for Norfolk churches that are kept open, All Saints was in the booklet. The church is in a very nice village with big houses surrounding the village green, but there was not a key holder posted on the door, not that I would ever go and knock on a door, I would a shop or pub, but never a house.


It has made me realise that I am never going to see all the interiors of the churches I want to visit, in fact looking through my photos I have noted that I have more exteriors than interiors of the churches I have visited.  I’ve been lucky sometimes and passing a church that I have only seen the outside and for some reason or another the door has been open and I have been straight in.  This is never going to happen in North Runcton though, I will never see the inside of this church, it is most probably not on the list of must see churches, but thats not the point, how many other people have walked away from that locked door. It looks a very hotchpotch little church, but it did look like it had some nice stained glass windows.


It is an interesting church, as I have found out…..the medieval church was flattened when the spire fell into the nave in 1701.  There was only a handful of Anglican churches and chapels which were built in the Georgian period and All Saints was one of them.  Designed by Henry Bell, the architect who also designed the Custom House and Dukes Head Hotel in Kings Lynn.  The Victorians carried out repairs by taking out the galleries, box pews and pulpit, everything that makes it a Georgian Church, so probably, I will not make a return visit.



  1. It’s a tricky one isn’t it, we all know the dangers churches face if they are left open unattended, but I’m like you, I wouldn’t go to a private house for the key.

  2. The exterior is really interesting but it is a little galling when it says it is open and it isn’t. I’ve plucked up courage a couple of times to go to a private house and each time I’ve been very lucky. If I’ve had to knock on a door, the keyholder has been very charming but a couple of times the key has been outside on a hook with a sign asking you to return it when finished, so it might be worth a look 🙂

    1. Yes you could be right…..but its a time factor, if you have to go and find the road and then the house etc. In this case there was no key holder, never mind, plenty of others 🙂

    2. Hi DorysWorld. Please check the Church notice Board and you will find several Contact numbers of key holders. I am sure you have mobile so contact any one in the list i.e., key holders and they will help you to visit the church and I hope you wont need to knock at any door. Rev. Riaz (The Rector)

  3. That is a real shame, and I hope that you will keep trying! It is a sad fact that churches must be locked these days. I mean, in the old days you always used to be able to claim sanctuary in a church! We were visiting one in Perthshire on Sunday – at Fortingall, and in the churchyard is Britain’s oldest tree. But the lovely old church was locked, and on a Sunday, too – I was disappointed, as there are supposed to be some very old carved stones inside.

    1. It is so disappointing when you look forward to visiting a church and especially when you plan a visit and you know that there is something really interesting like your carved stones. I can’t believe how hard it is to get into some churches and feel really lucky if one is open. Sorry you did’nt get to see the stones, they would have been really interesting to see, next hopefully it will be open. I have got into a few that I know are always locked by going in at the end of service when they are drinking their tea and chatting, they are quite happy for me to take photos and really leave me alone, but they always offer me a drink which is really nice 🙂

  4. You are very lucky with the amount of open churches in your area.
    I have visited 500+ churches for my site and out of those I’ve probably seen about 20 that are open? Maybe its a county thing but Staffordshire/Derbyshire don’t seem too accomodating 😦

    1. Wow 500 plus churches and only about 20 open, I couldn’t cope with that, as I love routing around the interiors, so thank goodness I live in Norfolk. Lots of churches are open in Norfolk and Suffolk, also Rutland is great for open churches, Cambridge is really bad and I mean really, you have to time it to the end of a Sunday service. I’m glad you are doing Cheshire as you have done a lot of churches of where my husband use to live and the inlaws still live 🙂

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