The weather this morning, was not perfect but ok for exploring…….2 locked churches, 1 clock tower and a tudor tower later, I gave up.  The weather is not perfect by any means, rain and more rain….even some quite large hail stones, which spooked Nancy our puppy.  I suppose we were quite lucky that we did have a passable morning and I suppose I was a bit put out that both churches, I had chosen to visit were well and truly locked.  So it was lovely to find these gorgeous different colour primroses in Upwell churchyard.  Although the church and churchyard were full of young men in orange vests, maybe they were spring cleaning..…..I just took the photos over the wall.


8 Replies to “Spring in a Churchyard”

  1. I have to say I find it a sad indictment of our modern day and age that so many churches that were once open to all…now have to be locked.

    1. These two churches were in nice villages, with houses over looking them, one had the details to get the key….thats if you really want to bother anyone and the other one, there were no details. Never mind I should be use to it now 🙂 But it is sad that they have to keep them locked, that a few can spoil it for everyone else.

  2. I’m with you on the locked churches. I really don’t like to knock on somebody’s door to disturb them for a key – and I really don’t want to have have an accompanied visit – that would cramp my style!

  3. Me too…I like to just wander and see and be quiet and take it all in….and someone withering away really kills that!!

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