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We managed to have this afternoon off from work and decided to visit Blickling Hall, in Norfolk.  We also treated ourselves to an Easter present of joining the National Trust, now we can go anyway, any time……if we have time.  Entry into these beautiful buildings is quite expensive and we have some wonderful houses in Norfolk, plus gardens, heathland, coastlines etc, the list is endless.  I intend to get my moneys worth and now that you can take photos (but no flashing) I am going to have a wonderful time.

Sorting through this afternoons photos, I remember taking a photo of a painting of angels and how to hold one………I love this, I would never had thought to grab one by its wings, then I noticed that I was reflected back while taking the photo.  It felt that I had actually taken a photo of a scene being played out in front of me, I’m not sure that I could have planned that even if I had wanted to to.

 Photo taken in Blickling Hall, Norfolk.


  1. Amazing photo! Hope that you really enjoyed your visit. This is somewhere in Norfolk that I HAVE been (one of the very few!) – I remember how beautiful it was!

    1. Thank you, yes its a beautiful house and gardens, I want to go back later to see the garden again as its still a bit early yet. When I get round to posting the photos it should bring back some memories 🙂

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