One Of Many, South Uist, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


 When arriving on the Island of South Uist, we saw many abandoned buildings, some old, some not so old, but there are lots of new modern buildings which is good for any small Island.  They are however quite compelling to photograph, but I can only get husband to stop so many times, so many photos are taken through the car window.  We are off to explore North Uist today, but I thought I would make use of the internet here on the site, as we are are somewhere different tonight.


  1. It looks like a flat and treeless landscape, mostly water! I remember the old cottages on Lewis and Harris, too. At least I guess they make good shelter for wildlife.

      1. Really?! I hadn’t expected that. I thought it was mostly flat until you got to Harris. I know I’m going to want to go there!

  2. A long way from there – I’m in Canada. A fascinating obsession you have there. Here – the government keeps record of all those bits of land, their measurement and their ownership. Does that not happen there? When someone abandons their home, does anyone know who they were and why they left? Does no one ever return? Wouldn’t it be they’d still pay taxes on the land, even though they’re gone – unless of course they sell their property to someone else? Perhaps that’s not the system you have. Looking at the photos, I can’t help wonder who they were and why they left.

    1. Hi Charlene, most of the cottages were crofts (very small farms), land that was rented and when the small farms could no longer support them, they left. Some went to America and Canada, some to mainland Scotland. Most of the land will still belong to maybe a large landlord and really is only now that people are going back to live on these largely empty islands. This is because travel has become a lot easier to get from one island to another. Also many left because of the clearances, which is the clearing of the land for sheep, landlords would evict the farmers to make way for sheep. That doesn’t happen now, but it did all over Scotland. Hope thats help a little, regards, Lynne 🙂

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