A Blackhouse On South Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


I have spent a lot of my holiday keeping an eye open for a certain type of cottage, which are called ‘Blackhouses’  They were named this, because they had no chimneys, just holes in the roof for the smoke to go through.  I have seen some with added chimneys and the stones painted white. which are now called ‘Whitehouses’  I have taken photos of them in all shapes, from really just a few stones to beautifully restored buildings as this photo shows.  We are planning to go and have a look at a Blackhouse village tomorrow.  There are quite a few Blackhouses on St Kilda, but we are not going to get there this year, so we will have to make do with Gearrannan Blackhouse Village on the Isle of Lewis.


  1. That’s a beautifully preserved example. I can’t seem to remember if we saw Gearannan village so I’ll be interested to see photos. We didn’t get to St Kilda either, but it’s somewhere I’d really love to go.

    1. We did try to go to the Island, but you have to book and of course we thought that we could do it when we got here, Steve really wants to go and I do too, but 40 miles in a small boat, going really fast…..yep I would still do it 🙂 This cottage is well done, I would love to buy one and restore it, but its a bit far from home, for a weekend cottage 🙂

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