Exploring McCaig Tower, Oban, Scotland

If you have ever visited Oban on the west coast of Scotland you would have noticed on the skyline a large coliseum type building, in fact you can’t really miss it, especially if you buy any postcards.  Normally we take the car into Oban, but we had the motor home this year and they are not easy vehicles to park, so we caught the bus from the caravan park and didn’t have the worry of parking, which is really nice for a change.  We had the afternoon to spare before catching the ferry to the Outer Hebrides the following day, food came first and we found a really nice restaurant over looking the harbour on George Street, that we could sit outside with our two little dogs.


The weather wasn’t great, raining on and off, but not cold, so it was nice to sit and watch the world go by.  After a lovely lunch we decided to walk up to the large type coliseum building which I started this post with, after finding the very steep road with takes you up to McCaig Tower on Battery Hill and when you arrive its quite a surprise.  There is a park inside the tower, a really nice tidy green park, with the most wonderful views of the surrounding area. Until a few years ago the interior of the tower was a jungle of weeds and rubbish, luckily the local council had the foresight to develop the grounds into a park.


A little history of Oban’s most prominent feature McCaig Tower, sometimes called McCaig’s Folly.  The Tower was built by a local banker, unsurprisingly called McCaig, (John Stuart McCaig b 1823 – 1902) between 1895 and 1902. The aim was to provide work for local stonemasons and provide a lasting monument to his family. The original intention seems to have been to add a large tower placed in the centre, but this, like the statues of McCaig’s family that some say were intended to fill the lancet opening in the tower, never materialised. By the time McCaig died and having spent five thousand pounds – a considerable sum in those days – only the outer wall had been completed and he made provision in his will for one thousand pounds a year towards the completion of the project, which was to have had a tower in the centre.  But that never happened, as family members had other ideas for the money,  I myself, think it is perfect just as it is, its really was quite pleasant to sit and again watch the world go by, but just at a greater height.



  1. I remember walking up to that stopping breathless, as an elderly couple of walkers passed me by. You wouldn’t think I used to be a postman 🙂

  2. Stunning photos! I especially love the one of the Cathedral, through the arch. And panoramic views over the bay with all the yachts at anchor, and Kerrera and Mull… I love Oban! We really must walk up to the tower, it certainly looks to be worth it.

    1. Thank you……you can drive up there, when we got to the top there was a car park LOL, not that we had a car, but you can it you want to. It is worth a visit because the views are stunning and it could have been better as the weather wasn’t all that great, although it had stopped raining:)

    1. You can fill my in box with however many likes….you like 🙂 I’m just glad that you are enjoying the posts…….I just love showing off our beautiful countries, which I think you enjoy visiting as much as we do 🙂

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