Tudor Archway, Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk

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While wandering through the delightful walled gardens at Felbrigg Hall, I passed through this lovely arch.  It was only when I took the photo I realised there was a plaque, I then suddenly realised that I might had passed through a Tudor doorway.  I just hope no one noticed that I passed through several times, I have a thing about arches and to find out that…. ‘this arch was formerly the entrance to the hall and was placed here by WHW in 1842’…. I though was amazing.  The south part of the Hall was began in 1620 and incorporates remains of a previous Tudor house.  I just wonder if this plaque means this is a Tudor doorway, you can see where they have cut out the arch at the top. I read that they had rearranged a lot of the Hall, so I have a feeling this little arch is rather special.


4 Replies to “Tudor Archway, Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk”

    1. Yes its a beautiful walled garden that you could quite happily spend the afternoon just looking at the flowers in the sunshine…….you might have to wait a while for the rain to stop 🙂

  1. How interesting! (And a lovely photo, what a beautiful place!) I would be tempted to think you’ve found an original Tudor arch. But why has the top been cut out? I wonder how high it is – perhaps for a horse rider to pass underneath? Or ladies with very tall hats? 🙂

    1. I think it was straight, along the top and they cut it out to make an arch when it was placed in the garden, as it would have been the entrance door to the Tudor House which was the original hall… its really interesting to find theses little bits of history. Its a beautiful walled garden and I want to go back in the Summer to see the gardens in full bloom 🙂

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