Spy the Standing Stones of Borve, Isle of Barra, Scotland

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You really have to be a standing stone fan to appreciate these two standing stones, well one standing and one leaning.  The truth is I nearly missed them.  Walking back along the road towards Borve on the Isle of Barra, after walking along the beach, I was dawdling along when I saw a small rock sticking up in a field.  Always on the look out for anything interesting, I took some photos from the roadside, but I did’nt go and explore them, because to be honest I really didn’t think they were the standing stones of Borve……..but of course they were.  Truly they could have been any old stones, as the whole island is littered with huge stones.

I cannot find any real details about them, the majority of the stones are buried and when the machair (dunes and sandy grassland) is is full flower, the stone that is leaning disappears from sight.  They will be added to my categories under Prehistoric Stones, and maybe one day I will discover more about them.

2 Replies to “Spy the Standing Stones of Borve, Isle of Barra, Scotland”

  1. Hmm, very diffcult to spot! I wonder if the leaning one has been moved, by either humans or nature. What a lovely place, though, with wild flowers and views out to see.

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