Alone on a hill, The Isle of South Uist, Scotland

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One of the many abandoned houses on the Island of South Uist.  This house could be a Whitehouse dated about 1920, they took the place of the stone thatched Blackhouses.  I have a fascination for both of these building, hence I became trigger happy and tried to shoot everyone we came to.

DSC_0283 - Version 2

6 Replies to “Alone on a hill, The Isle of South Uist, Scotland”

  1. I’ve enjoyed looking through your photos and words from the Hebrides, particularly these abandoned homes. They fascinate me too – I think it’s the colours and patterns that come from decay and nature taking over, and wondering what once was. Sometimes I find them quite evocative even though it’s sad that they’re abandoned. This one is my favourite – I hope I find it when I visit The Uists later this year. 🙂

    The overgrown St Margaret’s Church in Norfolk looks really interesting too, and your write up about the church in Astbury… I drive past it most weeks and have only stopped to photograph the outside – I don’t even think I’ve been inside. That will have to change!

    Have you seen John Maher’s photos of the Hebrides?

    1. Thank you Alex. I had to google John Maher and those photos are remarkable of the interiors. As my photos were mostly shot from the car window, I missed able to see the interiors, although they do look bit spooky 🙂 You will have an amazing time on the Uists, they are our favourites, although the rest is wonderful, they are just a little more wild.
      I have a fascination of churches, ruined or not, and the one at Astbury is so ancient, it seeps out from the walls as you enter. I visited quite a few times, but it was always locked, but one morning they had just finished Sunday service, so I dashed in to take some photos while they were tidying up. Funnily enough they didn’t really like it, but its water of a ducks back to me when taking photos, everything else ceases.
      Anyway enough rambling, but I’m really pleased you enjoyed the Hebridean photos, which I hate to say I have not finished yet and hope you have a great and interesting visit 🙂 Lynne

      1. I love old churches and buildings too – I’ll also be visiting Iona abbey on my trip. And there’s a small church on one island that looks like some of the monastic towers in Glendalough, Ireland. I can’t remember where, but I have it written down.

        That’s strange – my experience of photographing inside places is that you’re usually ignored, or that people are pleased to see you showing an interest. Which reminds me, I was at Astbury’s church at night one time with a couple of friends, and the vicar came out and took us on a tour of the outside. It was interesting, but I’ve forgotten most of what he said.

        I will have a great time, thanks. Keep up your travels. 🙂

      2. You will love Iona, lots of lovely interesting things to see. We visited Glendalough, a couple of years, ago I loved every minute of it 🙂

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