Peaceful Howmore Church, Isle of South Uist, Scotland

DSC_0415 2

Howmore Church on the Isle of South Uist in the Outer Hebdries off the coast of Scotland, is situated at the end of quite a narrow lane.  I had to talk my husband into driving our motorhome down this track as he called it and promise him….. yes he would be able to turn around in the church car park……..thank goodness it had one.  It was worth the trip, because the church is neighbour to one of the most historic sites on South Uist…….but thats another post.


The surrounding views are really quite breathtaking and its so peaceful, no hum of traffic, just perfect peace.  Anyway back to the church built in 1858, it is one of many that have stood in Howmore.  The remains of most of the others stand a little to the east, which includes the historic Teampull Mor.

The church stands on higher ground than its immediate surroundings and can be see for miles due to its white exterior.  It was always used as a landmark by local fisherman, while fishing off the west coast of the island.

The building is quite plain with a small bellcote, but the surroundings make up for this plainness.  The interior of the church is of interest, because of the long central communion table, something found very rarely in Scotland.  Infact I have not come across another in my travels here in Scotland or at home in England.  To gain better photos of the table, I ventured up the stairs into the gallery at the east end……I did talk my husband into coming into the church, so he came with me and held the large curtain back for me to take the shots…. he comes in handy for this type of job.  The interior is very warming with the red fabric and light brown woodwork.  The table almost splits the interior into two and I’m not sure why, but it was very interesting to see.


 You can glimpse our accommodation through the window, I took the photo for the lovely colours of the very pale stained glass, I did’nt even notice our motorhome, I could have cropped her out, but no, she was a very important part of our holiday.  The window is over looking the large car park which I had promised my husband…….next stop, the neighbours.


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