Rood Screen Of All Saints Church, Thornham, Norfolk

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DSC_0286 - Version 2

In All Saints Church in Thornham, Norfolk there remains part of an amazing rood screen.  The church has been greatly altered, but what remains of the screen, although it was greatly damaged in the 17th century, leaving only the dado with the faces scratched out on the figures, has not been over restored in recent years.


What is nice about this screen is there are records of the donors, which you can read about, John Miller a wealthy merchant in the parish who died in 1488 and his wife Clarice.  You can also read that the screen is one of the few examples showing twelve old Testament Prophets rather than the twelve Apostles, the last photo lists them.  The reason I find the screen amazing is that it is still here after 500 years, with all the rebuilding of the church, we are lucky that the Victorians retained the screen.  I have added this screen to the others in the Rood Screen Category, which is beginning to grow and I’m sure I have a few more from 2013……where does the time go.




4 Replies to “Rood Screen Of All Saints Church, Thornham, Norfolk”

    1. I have been sorting through some photos and realised that I had forgotten to post them, I think I have some more, when I can find them 🙂 and yes they are a lovely find 🙂

  1. Norfolk seems to have more than their share of these magical , medieval painted rood screens~ I always love seeing them and am always amazed they have survived . They glow like rich medieval jewels,

    1. Yes Norfolk and Suffolk are very lucky to still have quite a few, well more than a few, and they are lovely to find when you are not expecting to. It also amazes me that they survive, but they do, thank goodness 🙂

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