Tattershall Castle In Lincolnshire, From The Inside Looking Out

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Six floors and 149 steps up a spiral staircase to view beautiful Lincolnshire countryside, you certainly get what you pay for when visiting Tattersahll Castle in Lincolnshire .  We visited the castle last Saturday and during the week I have recorded our visit.  The interior you are viewing now is the work of Lord Curzon who saved the castle in 1911, the fireplaces had been ripped out to be sent overseas to an America buyer and then the castle was going to be demolished.  This never happened as Lord Curzon of Kedleston bought the castle, restored it and opened it to the public in 1914.  He also managed to find the fireplaces and restored them to their rightful places and now it looks like they had never left.


As you make your way throughout the castle you will notice the stained glass windows, the windows have the coat of arms of all the owners of the castle.  The tracery in the lower windows had to be replaced, as did the floors of the central rooms of the three upper floors.

DSC_0796_2 - Version 2

The roof and the detail of the battlements were reconstructed as far as the existing evidence allowed.


On the day we visited we were treated to a thunder storm, which added to the visit, but unfortunately made the interior very dark.  There was also quite a few bodies around, its not that I mind bodies, I quite like to take photos of them now, but not when I am recording a building, so I hope you get the feel of the building from the photos I have manage to take, minus bodies.

4 Replies to “Tattershall Castle In Lincolnshire, From The Inside Looking Out”

  1. What an odd place it is! Maybe it’s the bricks, but from the outside it looks more like an eighteenth century folly than a genuine medieval castle, but inside looks more ‘real’ – how strange. But it does have wonderful windows – thank you!

    1. Yes it does, I wonder if it was used as a copy for the follies. It’s a lovely castle to visit, its massive, you can’t realise the height until you visit. Glad you like the windows 🙂

  2. What a wonderful tour, Lynne! Love your photos. I can see why the fireplaces were so desirable! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a castle quite like this one, and it’s lovely to see so many rooms and details. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Jo, I’m glad you enjoyed the tour, yes if the fireplaces had been lost it would have been a great shame as they are wonderful. I think I have an urge now to visit more tower castles, there are a few more around us 🙂

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