Golden Flying Angels of Pinchbeck Church, Lincolnshire

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 This stunning angel roof was a total surprise. As it was getting late last Sunday, I really expected the door to be locked, but to my surprise it opened. An even bigger surprise was the roof, beautiful golden angels swopping down, no not really they were anchored down. But it would have been quite spectacular, if I had caught them flying when I open the door to this lovely church, St Mary’s in Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire.

The angels date from 1495 and hold the shields of many of the families that the Pinchbecks a local family married into, there are references of the family from 1275.


5 Replies to “Golden Flying Angels of Pinchbeck Church, Lincolnshire”

  1. I wonder how they are attached, and if they ever fell down? After all gravity is a strong thing! What year was the church built? 1495?

    1. Oh dear, sad to hear that, they are wonderful and not at all creepy when you see them in real time, to me they are rather beautiful and make me feel happy 🙂 And they are about 500 years old.

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