Church Of St Nicholas, Bringhurst, Leicestershire

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This is a view of the chancel in the beautiful church of St Nicholas, Bringhurst in Leicestershire, with its wonderful Norman arches and hopefully tomorrows post will be about those arches, plus the rest of the church.  At the moment there does not seems enough hours in the day to work, rest and play 🙂

2 Replies to “Church Of St Nicholas, Bringhurst, Leicestershire”

  1. Lovely serene shot, Lynne. Do not work yourself too hard (though I am a fine one to talk!) I never thought that blogging would take so much of my time, or be so enjoyable!

    1. Yes its just all the other stufff you have to do daily, work, housework, cook, gardener, dog walker, and then sleep, oh and not fogetting the odd bit of decorating………. no its alright really its just our end of year and the vat all at the same time 🙂

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