Church of St Nicholas, Bringhurst, Leicestershire

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DSC_0972 - Version 2

The 12th century church of St Nicholas, Bringhurst, Leicestershire.  The same day as we visited St Andrew’s Church at Great Easton, it was still pouring in rain.

From our visit in August 2014, full post to follow later.

2 Replies to “Church of St Nicholas, Bringhurst, Leicestershire”

  1. I love this photo, before I read that it was raining when you took it – so I’m now even more convinced about rainy-day photos! There’s something about this church that I really like – either the shape or the colour, or both. Those four gravestones in front look as if they’re huddling together for a ‘selfie’!

    1. These churches in Leicestershire are so different then the churches where we live, our churches are big churches rebuilt with the money from wool, but although these are smaller they are equally as old. I think you are right, the rain makes the colour stand out, I think I will try it on some local churches next time it rains at the weekend to see how they look. I love the idea of the selfie, I hadn’t noticed, but you are so right 🙂

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