Just A Welsh Street View & Family Visit


We visit Newquay in Wales every September, it’s a tradition now, we have family there and other family members in Wales come for a get together.  The family members that we visit are both elderly now and not very mobile, and every year we think, is this the last year.  But every year we walk down this road to the Port of Call Restaurant and have our family gathering.  Its wonderful, because the elderly have the most wicked sense of humour if you sit and listen to them, we all have great fun and cherish every moment and keep our fingers crossed for the following year.


  1. Loved this entry Lynn~ your thoughts and feelings about the family and the elders ~ I know all these same thoughts , now which are mostly confined to the past as most of mine(family) are gone now~ Sincerely hope those you cherish will be there again next year when you make your annual pilgrimage.. A touching and heartwarming post.

    1. Thank you Val for your lovely comment. As a child I remember lots of family gatherings, but nowadays they seem to be very rare. My mother years ago, always loved to go and visit people. Every Wednesday without fail (her day off from work) she would find some relative for us to have tea with when my daughter Fleur was a baby. This continued until Fleur went to school and shortly after my mother passed away, I think this all stems from her dying so young, that I really didn’t get a chance to cherish her for very long or really even know her that well, there wasn’t enough time. So now I try to make the most of these visits and we do have a lovely old fashioned time, unwind and really enjoy just being with people 🙂

      1. Dear Lynn! Your mother had a lovely strong sense of ‘family’ and this is something missing in many people’s lives these days, in so many respects. I know you lost her far too soon from a conversation we had previously, but she left you many things really and know she would be very proud and pleased to know that her caring and cherishing of family and much more still lives on in you .X

  2. That brings back distant memories! Newquay is a lovely little place. The photo looks pretty timeless – only when you study it, you see the modern cars and notice the new-looking house in the distance. Hoping you have at least a few more more family reunions to come!

    1. Thank you Jo and yes it never seems to change very much and its a lovely little place to visit, even to live. I suppose its my favourite place in Wales, like Oban is in Scotland, wouldn’t mind living in either place 🙂 Mind you they are both pretty hilly and I’m now used to living some where very flat 🙂

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