Stick People & Stones – Stonehenge

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Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, just incase there is someone who doesn’t know 🙂  I am still sorting photos and I like the way the bodies in these photos look like stick people, against the large stones.  I think they make you aware of how massive Stonehenge is.

Taken while driving pass in 2012


10 Replies to “Stick People & Stones – Stonehenge”

  1. I went there a few years back. They seem to loom even higher because of the fairly flat part of the country they stand in. I love all things Neolithic-the period of history when ‘we’ began to be ‘us’. So much we don’t know though, which lends much fuel to the imagination. Have you been to Orkney? I love the place.

    1. No we haven’nt visited yet but we stood and looked at Orkney from John O’Groats this year and plan to take our motor home to visit Orkney and Shetland, We went to the Outer Hebrides this year and there are lots of sites there……that fire your imagination. I love coming across them when you least expect them, we are in Wales at the moment and I have found lots of standing stones each year we visit, by really falling over them, when we are out walking 🙂

    1. Yes Jo, you could walk through the stones and hug a stone if you wanted (I did) and there were hardly any people then, we visited quite a few times with visitors when we lived in Hampshire 🙂

      1. Can you not touch the stones any more? That’s sad!
        I remember going past in the car with Colin & the girls when they were about 6 or 7, and getting really excited as I pointed it out to them – and their response was, “What, that pile of stones?”

      2. No you haven’t been able to get near them for quite a few years now. Its all very touristy now. I remember the first time we went you just parked the car and walked up and through them, no unground tunnel to reach them and it only cost a few pennies then 🙂 By the way, glad you are staying as 1 of 4 🙂

      3. Sorry Jo, no you can walk around them, but you can’t walk through them and touch them, there is a fence between you and them, if thats what you mean 🙂

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