A Carriage Ride In To The Past, Amish Country

Photos from old PC 548

These photos were taken ten years ago in 2004, when we visited the States to stay with family.  We had a wonderful holiday and when you stay with family or friends you always get to visit places that otherwise you might miss.  The reason for this post…… I took a photo of a horse and wagon in Tenby, Wales on holiday last week, which I posted and the wagon reminded me so much of the Amish ones we had seen in the States, that I just had to find them.  Tonight I found them, played around a little with them, they are not great as the camera at the time did not have a zoom on it, but with a little help of some magic, here they are.  There are a couple of photos from Pennsylvania and some in Ohio.

Photos from old PC 957

Photos from old PC 947 - Version 2

Photos from old PC 950

Photos from old PC 951

Photos from old PC 545

Photos from old PC 958

  From our visit 2004 – I am putting this post in the occupation category, loosely under Carriage Driver.


    1. I just wish at the time I had a better camera, although its fine to take photos of the carriages etc, at the time it was frowned upon to taken photos of individuals, not sure it its like that now 🙂

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