Tenby Castle, Wales

To the despair of my poor long suffering husband, I collect non fiction books.   So when visiting Wales or Scotland I trawl the bookshops in the hope of a book on which ever county or country we happen to be in, which might have escaped my notice, this includes charity shops……where you can find some lovely old books.  I have a cupboard in our motor home that is especially for these books…..out of sight, out of husband’s mind.  On this trip to Wales I did find one book that I didn’t have ‘Castles In Wales’ a handbook by Gerald Morgan……this became attached to me, I went nowhere with out it.  This wonderful little book is a pocket guide to the Castles of Wales, plus photos, plus earthworks and lost castles…..everything a discerning castle hunter needs in one little book.

Now the only thing is, it didn’t have a lot to say about Tenby Castle, for one reason theres not a lot left.  The remains of the castle are on Castle Hill, an unknown Norman built the castle in 1156 and all that remains are the stump of a gate tower, part of a barbican and a small tower that is one half square and the other round.  But the views from Castle Hill are speculator and there is a lovely walk around the hill, but it is quite steep, but well worth it.

From our visit September 2014.


  1. Tenby is so pretty! And the castle looks very fine, too, although not much left, as you say. I have never been there, so it was nice to see. I think I have that book on Welsh Castles! Although I am not sure where it is now. A lovely set of photos. Glad that it stopped raining for you in the end!

    1. We had never been to Tenby and I didn’t realises that it was such a pretty place, will certainly be going back next year. Glad you liked the visit and the book is just the right size to carry around 🙂

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