The Saxon Round Tower Church of East Lexham, Norfolk (12)

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St Andrew’s Church in East Lexham, Norfolk, one of the two round tower churches we visited on Sunday, is said to have the oldest round tower in the country.  The tower was built about 900AD.  Just to stand and look at some thing which was built by the Saxons, and is still in use as part of the church, is quite mind blowing, over one thousand years old and still standing.  The church sits on a mound in a farmyard and sheep now keep the grass short in the churchyard.

The church attached to the Saxon tower is most likely originally Norman, as the stone for church came from the Barnack quarry which was not opened until the 13th century.  The church has now been rendered over and its difficult to interpret the stones.  In the chancel there is a fine angle piscina from the 14th century.  The east window glass is believed to have been made by Clayton & Bell in about 1859.

The church has a lovely feeling and is so well looked after inside, it shines.  Well worth the effort in finding the church…..we went pass the farm about three times before we saw you had to go through the farmyard…..coming out we saw a large sign….to the Saxon Tower.

October 2014

17 Replies to “The Saxon Round Tower Church of East Lexham, Norfolk (12)”

    1. Thank you Packy, I have added some more photos, that I missed, shouldn’t leave so late to do it……anyway you can see the door to the tower in one of them. It is locked as there is a sign out side saying beware of falling stones. I think the tower needs some maintenance, but of course it all cost money. The other photo of a small door is the rood staircase, which goes up inside the wall. Glad you like the photos, it is a shame that you can’t go in the tower, but maybe one day.

  1. What a marvellous find! 900 AD – amazing! I would love this, too! Lovely set of photos and the details inside the church are fascinating. Imagine all the generations who have worshipped here! 🙂

    1. Thank you, its just quite amazing to see something that old, just tucked away in farmyard. I just love that there are so many left, it has spurred me on to try and visit some more 🙂

      1. Yes, I belong to their face book page, there are a few groups on face book that are for churches, they are quite interesting. I keep meaning to join the society but other things keep getting in the way, I will one day 🙂

  2. I am on the committee of the Round Tower Churches Society and jointly edit the quarterly magazine. The Society is 40 years old and in that time we have given grants of over £150,000 to help with church repairs. A small grant from us helps with Heritage Lottery grant applications. We organise tours in the summer and the occasional Study Day. We are also on Facebook and more recently we tweet. See ourrecently revamped website for membership details.

  3. Hi,
    A beautiful building indeed. Lovely photos – thanks for sharing. However, there were very very Saxons in East Anglia at the time. This was built by Angles.

    Best Regards,

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