A well as a church at Wormegay there is also a castle in the village.  When I say castle, really it is the remains of the motte and bailey earthworks.  The site is visible from the road, but there is no access as it is farm land, but you can park on the roadside and have a look.

I found some information on Castle Uk site…….Wormegay Castle was originally a late Saxon manorial complex, which was fortified in the 11th century, by Hermer de Ferrers. In the 12th century, Reginald de Warenne modified the fortification and founded the earthwork motte and bailey castle. The large sub circular motte, is encased by a wide ditch and still supports the slight remains of an encompassing rampart. To the east, encased by a rampart and ditch, is an extensive bailey……

There are also some remains of a priory, and also a blue viking stone was found nearby, so Wormegay has quite an historical background for such a small rural village that it is now.

9 Replies to “Wormegay Castle, Norfolk”

  1. It’s strange where you can find earthworks, particularly of castles and manorial enclosures. There are three manorial enclosures in the village where I am living at the moment, not all of them recorded in the books. Additionally, castle earthworks are quite impressive in their own right. One such set is Middleton Motte up near Kings Lynn, there is also the Neolithic site at Warham Camp which looks interesting (though not been to these two yet).

    The last earthwork I visited was last week in Chrishall in Essex, pretty off the beaten track and not easily accessible. Doesn’t look like many people visit it as it is very overgrown.

    1. Hi Jamie, I have just come back from Herefordshire and the whole county just seems to be full of castles and earthworks. Lots very close to churches and lots have just disappeared, quite fascinating. I see you enjoy castles as much as I do, but I have only just got interested in castle earthworks.. We live not far from Kings Lynn, I will have to look up Middleton Motte 🙂

      1. indeed. I am off to Dilham Castle and Denton Wood Castle in Norfolk and Suffolk respectively this weekend. Dilham looks quite interesting architecturally.

      2. I look forward to your posts on them, I have a few churches in Lincolnshire that I want to see, as quite a few are open this weekend, that normally closed. I’m now going to google both of those castles, as they sound very interesting 🙂

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