St John The Divine, Elmswell, Suffolk


When travelling on the A14 in Suffolk, you can not miss the wonderful church of St John The Divine, sat up on the hill at Elmswell.  We had passed by so many times and forever saying ….we must go and look….and back in the Autumn of 2013 we did.  This church looks really interesting with its lovely patterned porch, I was looking forward to exploring, but I should have known, as its really quite isolated that it would be locked. The pattern on the porch was worth the break in our journey, as was the wander around the semi wild churchyard.


The church is medieval, but apparently it has a 19th century interior, due to having been nearly derelict by the early 19th century.  What would have been wonderful medieval tops of the pew ends, have apprentley been sawn off… that would have upset me.  The church seems to have a thriving congregation, and I am sure there was a key holder, but as we were short on time……. maybe next time we are passing.


  1. This one looks lovely, Lynne! What an unusual pattern on the porch, and such a beautiful graveyard, with the gorgeous autumn trees. A shame it was locked, but all the more reason to go back!

  2. Thank you Jo, the church sits high on a hill and you can see it from a dual carriage which passes by the bottom of the hill But once off the road up the hill, it’s really quite isolated and the church is lovely 🙂

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